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I'm Kayce, the Owner and lead planner for the KR Occasions team. Take a look at some of the behind the scenes of our team, and indsutry tips and tricks we've gathered over the years!

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So you just got engaged and you know you need help with your wedding, but you’re not exactly sure what role a coordinator plays versus a planner.

Wedding Planners are all about the logistics. We help you create your budget, from there we give you vendor referrals based on your budget and your esthetic, once you decide who you like best, we’ll negotiate and review the contract. Basically we take the guesswork and research out of the planning process, making this seamless and smooth as possible.

Heres what you can expect:

  1. Vendor referrals and contract negotiations, schedules and attends vendor meetings.
  2. Create detailed timelines and floor plans
  3. Detailed Budget
  4. Attends site tours and menu tastings
  5. Brainstorm style ides and coordinates design details
  6. Assist with hotel room blocks and transportation
  7. Manages the Rehearsal
  8. Oversees the wedding day and executes your vision

Think of your wedding planner as your personal wedding assistant. If you have a demanding job and you want the least possible amount of stress or you’re not really sure where to start then a wedding planner may be for you, especially if your not familiar with your wedding area!

A wedding coordinator is for those that have the wedding planning process down, but just need someone to execute and put everything together. Usually they begin helping you about 2 months before your wedding. They will confirm vendor contracts, create a day of timeline, and any last minute details are in order. Think of our role as checking to make sure everything you’ve done up until our role is in good shape.

Heres what you can expect:

  1. Meets with you to discuss and get a handle on what you’ve planned thus far
  2. Checks in with your vendors, reviews all contracts, shares the timeline, and confirms logistics
  3. Create detailed timelines and floor plans
  4. Walkthrough the ceremony and reception site
  5. Manages the rehearsal
  6. Executes your vision

A wedding coordinator might be for you if you enjoy planning and just need someone to handle the last minute details, so you can enjoy your day.

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