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I'm Kayce, the Owner and lead planner for the KR Occasions team. Take a look at some of the behind the scenes of our team, and indsutry tips and tricks we've gathered over the years!

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Choosing a wedding color palette is something brides often overthink. Wedding colors are important for determining the overall vibe of a wedding, but they don’t make or break the day. Using the method described in this article, it’s pretty easy to pick your wedding color scheme! If you don’t have an eye for design, these wedding planning tips can help.

What is a Wedding Color Palette?

Your wedding color scheme will set a cohesive theme for your wedding. It allows you to stay on theme when making other wedding planning decisions, such as flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and decor. Think of it as a guide in the wedding planning process. You aren’t expected to make everything match perfectly, but a color palette will help you stick to the theme! 

5 Tips to Pick Your Wedding Colors

Let’s simplify the process of picking your wedding color palette. I don’t recommend starting on Pinterest. It can get too overwhelming looking at all the color combinations. You’ll start to feel indecisive because they all look good! Start with the following tips, and then maybe you can search on Pinterest once you have an idea of the colors you want.

wedding planning tips from a wedding planner

1. Choose colors based on the season.

Certain colors look best in certain seasons. Maroon, for example, is a hot autumn color because it works perfectly with changing leaves. Here’s a quick guide to outline colors that work well in each season:

  • Spring: pastels, peach, light pink, green, white
  • Summer: blue, green, orange, light pink, light purple
  • Autumn: maroon, orange, ivory, dark purple
  • Winter: blues, dusty rose, dark green, dark red

Colors are commonly used in floral arrangements. It’s much easier to find the right colors and flowers when you choose in season. You may want to ask your florist what colors will be in season too, to help you decide on your color palette. 

2. Decide how you want to use the colors.

Colors don’t need to play a role in every aspect of your wedding. Here are a few ways colors can be incorporated into a wedding:

  • Floral
  • Wedding party attire
  • Parent’s attire
  • Table settings (napkins, tablecloth, etc.)
  • Invitations

Don’t feel pressured to use your colors in all the areas mentioned above. These are just examples of how you can use your wedding colors. Use as much or as little as you like! The goal is to create a cohesive theme that allows for a beautiful atmosphere at your wedding. 

3. Use a color palette generator tool.

If you don’t know about the power of a color palette generator, you’re missing out! I recommend Coolors. It’s an awesome tool that allows you to explore color palettes. It creates palettes with colors that work well together, so you can be confident knowing your colors will look beautiful.

Once you start the generator, simply press the spacebar to change the palette. If you see a color you like, lock it in, and the generator will generate colors in the other spots that match well with the color you froze. Continue doing that until you have your dream wedding color palette!

4. Consider the venue setting.

The vibe of the venue can help you determine your colors. If it’s an outdoor and rustic setting, you may want to use green or orange colors. A modern indoor setting could call for black and white. Your wedding planner or day-of coordinator may provide input on colors that work well with your venue.

5 Tips to Pick Your Wedding Colors

5. Determine your preferences.

When you picture your wedding day, what do you imagine as the vibe? Light and airy? Regal and elegant? Modern and clean? Rustic and outdoorsy? There are no wrong answers here! But your preferences for the aura will help you determine your wedding colors. A wedding planner can also help guide you through choosing your colors based on your expectations for the day.

Choosing a color palette shouldn’t be rocket science. If you’ve been overthinking the colors or scrolling through Pinterest with still no decision, try these wedding planning tips! They help my couples determine their colors and make them feel confident with their decision. Once you check choosing your wedding colors off your list, it will make other decisions much easier! 

If you have any questions about choosing your wedding color palette, contact me today! I love helping couples feel positive about the wedding planning process, so if I can relieve some stress, I’m happy to help!

About KR Occasions

Kayce is a certified wedding and event planner and the owner and lead planner of KR Occasions. She’s been working in the wedding industry for over a decade. Kayce started as an event planner assistant and soon found herself working for various venues. She launched KR Occasions in 2013 in Sullivan County, NY. While she has planned dozens of weddings, you can expect the utmost professionalism and confidence. She wants to allow every couple to enjoy their wedding day!