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I'm Kayce, the Owner and lead planner for the KR Occasions team. Take a look at some of the behind the scenes of our team, and indsutry tips and tricks we've gathered over the years!

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During the wedding season, there are so many celebrations, and it’s all exciting! However, you have to think about who to invite to each one. There are traditional customs for who to invite to certain wedding celebrations. Use this blog as a guideline (not a rulebook) for who to invite to each wedding party you have while engaged. 

Who Do I Invite to My Wedding?

This one is entirely up to you! It’s fun to have a party with your closest friends and family! With your partner, come up with a list of friends and family you want to invite. 

It’s helpful to have your family review your guest list before ordering save the dates just in case you accidentally missed anyone. Your family may have additional suggestions but remember this is your day. If you don’t want someone there, you don’t have to invite them. You have my permission to say no!

Sometimes your guest list can go a little overboard. Here are some questions to help you narrow down your guest list if needed!

  • Have you talked to them in the last year? If not, I wouldn’t recommend inviting them.
  • Do you want to extend a plus one?
  • Do you want to invite full families with kids or adults only?

Who Do You Invite to a Bachelorette Party?

A bachelorette party is a chance to celebrate the bride! She should create the guest list for the bachelorette party. Traditionally, it’s only the bridal party that’s invited. I recommend sticking to this if you decide to travel for your bachelorette party. However, if your bachelorette party will be local, I think it’s acceptable to invite other friends to celebrate! 

Who plans the bachelorette party? 

The maid of honor or matron of honor plans the bachelorette party. Other bridesmaids can help though, too!

Who Do You Invite to a Bachelor Party?

The same answer as above! The groom decides on the guest list. If traveling, stick to only inviting the groomsmen. If the party is local, feel free to invite other friends.

Who plans the bachelor party? 

The best man plans the bachelor party. Other groomsmen can help though, too!

wedding party invitations

Who Do You Invite to a Bridal Shower?

The bridal shower is another celebration for the bride. It’s usually done as a weekend brunch, but that’s totally up to the bride! Any woman who is invited to the wedding can be invited to the bridal shower. I wouldn’t recommend inviting every woman from the wedding to the bridal shower. Choose your closest friends and family to come. 

Who plans the bridal shower? 

Typically the maid of honor, but sometimes family members volunteer to help!

Who Do You Invite to an Engagement Party?

An engagement party happens shortly after the couple gets engaged. Sometimes it’s even the same day to surprise the bride after the proposal! The invite list for an engagement party includes both sides of the family and people who will be invited to the wedding, typically close friends. 

However, if you plan to have a small ceremony, you can invite people who aren’t invited to the wedding to replace the traditional large reception.

Who plans the engagement party?

If it’s a surprise party for the bride, the groom will coordinate with family and friends to plan the party. Otherwise, the engagement party is usually planned by the bride’s parents with the help of the groom’s parents and close friends.

Who Do You Invite to a Wedding Shower?

A wedding shower is similar to a bridal shower, except the groom gets to come! In this case, you can invite anyone also invited to the wedding. I still recommend keeping it to your closest friends and family.

Who plans the wedding shower? 

Typically the maid of honor, but sometimes family members volunteer to help!

Who Do I Invite to My Welcome Party?

The welcome party happens the day before the wedding to welcome guests traveling from out of town. The wedding party and both sides of the family are also invited.

Who plans the welcome party? 

The groom’s parents plan and pay for the welcome party.

Who Do I Invite to My Rehearsal Dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is on the same day as the rehearsal. Usually, that’s the night before the wedding, but sometimes that’s not the case depending on the availability of the venue. The invite list includes parents, the wedding party, their plus ones, and grandparents.

Who plans the rehearsal dinner/? 

The groom’s parents plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner.

Who Do I Invite to Wedding Celebrations?

Who Do I Invite to a Bridal Luncheon?

The bridal luncheon happens in the days leading up to the wedding. It includes all the women involved in the ceremony. This includes:

  • Bridesmaids
  • Maid/matron of honor
  • Bride’s mom(s)
  • Groom’s mom(s)
  • Bride’s sister(s)
  • Groom’s sister(s)
  • Flower girl (and her mom if she is young)

Who Do I Invite to My Post-Wedding Brunch?

You could invite the whole wedding guest list if you want! I wouldn’t recommend it, though. Stick to the bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, the wedding party, their plus ones, and grandparents. Some optional invites for a post-wedding brunch are:

  • Guests traveling from out of town
  • Family traveling from out of town
  • Aunts/uncles/cousins

Whew! So many parties, so little time! Wedding season is so fun and full of celebrations for the couple. Don’t stress, and enjoy this short period of engagement!

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Kayce is a certified wedding and event planner and the owner and lead planner of KR Occasions. She’s been working in the wedding industry for over a decade. Kayce started as an event planner assistant and soon found herself working for various venues. She launched KR Occasions in 2013 in Sullivan County, NY. While she has planned dozens of weddings, you can expect the utmost professionalism and confidence. She wants to allow every couple to enjoy their wedding day! Ready to get started? Book a call today!